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Very unique is ‘Veg Meat’, completely non-veg in appearance and taste but completely vegetarian

What is Plant Based Meat: If you are fond of eating non-veg but want to reduce or give up due to health reasons, then plant-based meat is a good option. It is a big business in foreign countries and now it is growing rapidly in India too. Recently, the company in which Mahendra Singh Dhoni has invested makes plant-based meat products. Apart from this, big companies like Blue Tribe Foods, Licious and Greenest are involved in this business. Ventures like Shaka Harry sell plant-based meats such as ham burgers, mutton samosas, chicken nuggets and fries that taste exactly like non-veg but are made from vegetarian meats. Even beet juice is used to bring red color like meat in them.

What is Plant Meat?
It resembles animal meat in colour, taste and texture but it is prepared from the plant. In this you will get meat like chicken, mutton and seafood but it is not prepared in any animal but plant factory. Along with this, there is also an option of milk, in which instead of animal milk, milk is prepared from oats, almonds or soybeans. The biggest example of this is oat milk. Milk made from oats looks exactly like cow-buffalo milk. Its color, texture and taste also resembles that of regular milk.

How is plant based meat made?
In this, milk, oats, rice, almonds, soybeans, paneer, tofu, coconut oil and many other types of plants and substances are prepared from them. It is made under the supervision of food experts, whose look, taste, color and other feel are exactly like meat but it is completely vegetarian.

Is plant based meat better for health?
In animal-prepared meats, many times the protein fat content is high, then it cannot be reduced, but plant-based meat can be prepared in a healthy way so that it does not contain too much fat or any other component that makes it Do damage

Plant Based Meat Scope
In foreign countries, the business of plant based meat meat is growing rapidly. According to the Good Food Institute of Washington, in the year 2021, it did a business of 7.4 billion dollars, in which milk and then meat and other products were the most.

However, its scope in India is not as bright as abroad because people prefer to take natural milk in the case of milk. One of the major reasons for taking alternative milk abroad is lactose intolerance, in which people are allergic to cow-buffalo or any animal milk and products made from it, so they take alternatives like oat milk, almond milk, soy milk.

Sandeep Devgan, co-founder of Shaka Harry food chain, says that he is not even targeting proper vegetarian people, but he is doing this business for those people who are hardcore non-vegetarian or sometimes eat non-veg. If they want to skip non-veg or want to get the bean taste and feel, then plant based meat is the best option for them.
However, in contrast to this, Balram Singh Yadav (Managing Director of Godrej Agrovet Ltd) believes that the scope of plant-based meat is not much. He says that people abroad eat plant-based meat as a replacement for red meat, but in India people eat more chicken and fish and eat less red meat.

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