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Vitamin D strengthens skin and hair, also beneficial for bones

Importance of Vitamin D for Skin and Hair : We all know that a healthy body requires many minerals and nutrients like proteins, vitamins and calcium in the right amount. In today’s hectic life and busy schedule, it is very difficult to find time for yourself, due to which there is a lack of nutrients in the body and you get surrounded by many serious diseases and problems. Along with staying healthy, the body also needs vitamins for healthy skin and strong hair. In which vitamin D plays a very important role, vitamin D is essential for strong bones and boosting immunity as well as for healthy skin and hair. To include vitamin D in the diet, you can consume eggs, oranges, milk, mushrooms, yogurt, whole grains, meat and fish. Today we will tell you how important vitamin D is for hair and skin.

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Importance of Vitamin D for skin
According to OnlyMyHealth.com, getting vitamin D in the right amount is very important for healthy skin. Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of many skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Sunlight is one of the natural and all-around great sources of Vitamin D. That is why doctors ask to spend some time outside the house in the sun, but spending more time in the sun can also lead to skin damage, premature aging and skin pigmentation. That is why use sunlight and vitamin D supplements in the right amount.

importance of vitamin d for hair
If your hair looks weak and lifeless even after taking proper care, then the major reason for this could be a lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is seen equally in women and men in the form of hair fall and dry, or weak hair. Due to lack of vitamins in the body, such problems start appearing in the hair because due to lack of vitamins, the serum starts decreasing, which protects the hair from hairfall. You can include vitamin D supplements and foods in your diet for strong and beautiful hair.

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