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Vrischika Sankranti 2022: When is Vrischika Sankranti? Know Muhurta and Significance

Vrischika Sankranti 2022: Every month when the Sun, the king of planets, enters from one zodiac to another, then that day is called Sankranti. According to Panchang, 12 Sankranti are celebrated in a year. Now the month of Marshish is going on. On 16 November 2022, Sun will enter Scorpio from Libra, this is called Vrischika Sankranti. The Sun will remain in Scorpio till 15 December 2022. This day is considered best for worshiping the Sun. This time a very auspicious coincidence is happening on Scorpio Sankranti. Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti (Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti 2022) will also be celebrated on this day. Let us know the auspicious time and importance of Scorpio Sankranti.

Vrischika Sankranti 2022 Muhurat

Change of sun sign – 07.29 pm (time of entry from Libra to Scorpio)

Scorpio Sankranti Punya Kaal – 12.11 pm – 05.36 pm

News Reels

Duration – 05 Hours 24 Minutes

Scorpio Sankranti Maha Punya Kaal – 03:48 in the afternoon – 05:36 in the evening

Duration – 01 Hour 48 Minutes

Vrischika Sankranti Importance

Along with offering water to the Sun on Vrishchik Sankranti, it is considered best to do Shradh and Pitru Tarpan work. According to Devi Purana, one who does charity after bathing in the holy river on this day, all his sins are eradicated and get rid of serious diseases. On the other hand, by worshiping the Sun, one gets might, strength, brilliance, fame, fame. It is said that on this day, offer water, red sandalwood, red flowers, kumkum to the Sun in the copper pot. Also recite Surya Chalisa. This eliminates all the defects.

Surya Chalisa Path

, couplet

Kanak body coil Makar, Mukta Mala Ang.

Meditate in Padmasana, with the conch chakra.

, चौपै।

Hail Savita Hail Jayati Diwakar!. Sahasranshu! Saptashv Timirhar ॥

Bhanu! Kite! Marichi! Bhaskar!. Savita Hans! Sunur Vibhakar.

Faithful! Aditya! Vikartan. Martand Hariroop Virochana.

Ambarmani! Bird! He is called Ravi. Vedas sing as Hiranyagarbha.

Sahasranshu Pradyotan, somewhere. Munigan is happy modlahi.

Arun like charioteer Manohar.

The glory of Mandal is very unique. Sharp form of sacrifice.

उच्चैः श्रव सद्रिश हय जोटे ॥

Friend Marichi Bhanu Arun Bhaskar. Savita Surya Ark Khag Kalikar॥

Pusha Ravi named Aditya. Hiranyagarbhaya Namah Kahikai.

Gave the twelve names of love. The head bows twelve times.

Four Padarath Jan So Pavai.

This is a miracle to Namaskar. This is a blessing to Harihar.

Sevai Bhanu, you only brought my heart. Ashtasiddhi Navnidhi was found only there.

Pronouncing twelve names.

Those who pay attention to anecdotes.

Wealth is tied up in a family.

Extracts protect the head. Sun shines on the frontal everyday.

Sun always sits on the eye. Dinkar Chajat on Karna Desh.

Bhanu Nasika Vaskarhunit

Our lips are sharp.

The beauty of Kanth golden sand. Tigam Tejas: Shoulder greedy.

Pushan Bahu friend on the back.

Due to protection on the couple hand. Bhanuman Ursaram Sudarchan ॥

Basat navel Aditya Manohar.

Jangha Gopati Savita Basa. Gupta Diwakar doing Hulasa.

The caretaker of the post of Vivasvan.

Sahasranshu Sarvaang Samharai. Raksha Kavach Vichitra Vichare.

As Jojan my mind.

Dadru leprosy tehin kabhu na vyapai.

The one who removes the darkness of the world. The new light fills with joy.

The planetary gun is not erased.

Go to the world like a retarded person. Amazing Banke like Dharmaraj.

Blessed are you Dinmani Deva.

So Bhakti Bhavayut complete rules. Move away from the illusions of Bhav.

Most blessed are male body. He is happy but you are defeated.

Arun Magh Mahan Surya Phalgun. Madhu Vedang Naam Ravi Udayan.

Bhanu Uday Baisakh Ginavai. Jyeshtha Indra Ashadh Ravi Gave

Yama Bhadon Ashwin Himreta. Kathik is a Diwakar leader.

Aghan is different Vishnu is Pushahi. Male name is Ravi Malmasahi.

, couplet

Bhanu Chalisa Prem Yut, Gaavhin j nar nitya.

Happiness and wealth are different, there are always gratitude.

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