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Want to empower other women? Help them move forward with these easy ways


Encourage the women around you.
You must promote body positivity.

Empowering other women: The notion that a woman is the enemy of another woman is absolutely wrong. Rather ‘Queen Fixes Other Queen’s Crowns’. A woman can help another woman become empowered. For this, they themselves will have to first move forward, raise their voice against the wrong. After this it has to be ensured whether they are able to help the women present in their life or not. It’s not like you have to work for hours or spoonfeed someone to help someone become strong. Actually, you can do this even after keeping small things in mind.

If you want your daughter, friend, any lady in the house or your co-worker to recognize your own talent and be empowered in every way, then you can be a role model for them and also guide them. For this, you have to adopt some easy habits yourself first, after that you can explain them too.

How to help other women become empowered?

  • If you have any friends, increase their self confidence and self esteem. In fact, empowered women empower others. So encourage the women around you. In this way you will be able to help them move forward in life. Have group discussions with them, discuss minor to serious issues.
  • Most women are constantly faced with negativity as they are often judged on the standards of beauty. You can help them understand that they are beautiful in any case. Promote body positivity. You should also avoid judging anyone on any scale. However, it does not mean that you promote an unhealthy lifestyle. You can motivate them to stay healthy and fit.

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  • It is also very important to listen to the experiences of other women so that you can help them. If someone is full of talent then do not miss to praise his talent in front of people. If a woman is learning or trying to learn something, then boost her up.
  • Many women are still fighting for equal rights even today. In such a situation, you can raise your voice when you see anything wrong with your female colleagues at the workplace. Women should work together to empower each other in the office. Build a positive and powerful team. Appreciate each other’s right actions or decisions. Being empowered or helping someone doesn’t mean supporting every wrong decision. Rather, you can also guide someone on their different or wrong opinion or tell them a better option.

  • Help them to raise their voice against domestic violence.
  • Explain to them the need to complete their studies.
  • Advise them to be financially independent.

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  • If a girl or woman considers you as her role model, make sure you set a great example. Stay away from duplicity.
  • Compliment the women in your life. Say thank you, praise and help them. By doing this they will continue to be motivated to do good work.

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