Want to get success, adopt 4 simple remedies of betel leaves, many big things will be done in minutes

Paan Ke Remedy: Betel leaves have been used for worship in Hinduism for a long time. Betel leaves are offered to the deities during worship. Betel leaves are also known as divine leaves in astrology. Gods and Goddesses are believed to reside in betel leaves. According to astrology, there are some remedies of betel leaves, by doing which happiness, peace and good fortune comes in the family. Betel leaves can also be effective in removing financial and personal problems of life. Residents of Delhi are giving more information about this Astrologer Acharya Pandit Alok Pandya.

1. To get the blessings of Hanuman ji

Lord Hanuman’s grace can also be obtained by the remedy of betel leaves and when Hanuman ji becomes happy, he fulfills the wishes of his devotees. For this, you have to take a bath on every Tuesday or Saturday and offer betel leaf to Lord Bal Bajrangbali in the temple. It is believed that by offering betel leaves to Hanuman ji, he gets pleased and removes all the problems of his devotees.

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2. Paan removes eye defects

According to astrology, positive energy is found in betel leaves. Negative powers can be destroyed by using them. In such a situation, if a person or a child has got evil eye, then his evil eye can be removed with betel leaf. By keeping seven petals of rose in a betel leaf and feeding it to a person affected by evil eye, the evil eye gets removed.

3. Offer Paan to Lord Shiva

It is believed that offering betel leaves to Lord Shiva pleases him. Mythological beliefs are that by adding Gulkand, betel nut, fennel and catechu to Lord Shankar, he fulfills all the wishes of his devotees.

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4. For expansion in business

If you want to expand your business, then on Saturday, take 5 Peepal leaves and 8 whole betel leaves and thread them in a single thread and tie them on the east side of the shop or your institution. You have to do this for 5 consecutive Saturdays. After this, flow the old leaves in a river or well. By doing this remedy, your business will increase.

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