Want to make restaurant-like soup at home? Know these 7 secrets of the chef, the taste will double

Perfect Soup Chefs Secrets : Winter is about to come. There are many healthy food options in this season. One of which is soup. Yes, soup not only helps us to lose weight and maintain health, but it is also very good in taste. But many people prefer to either go to the restaurant or use instant soup to drink good soup. Both of these may taste good, but they are not at all good for health. You can also make better and healthy soup at home. The chef secrets of making some soups have been shared on the Eatdisnotthat website, which we tell you here. So let’s know which secrets you can follow to make perfect soup at home.

Tips for making the perfect soup

make stock better
According to Chef Maria Ibrahim, if you want to make the best soup, then it is important that your stock is good. For this, you can boil chicken, meat, vegetables and store them in ice cubes and take them out and use them whenever needed.

use stick blender
Use a stick blender to make the perfect soup. It is very beneficial to make puree in the same vessel. With its help, you can make puree in the pan itself and there is no need to put it in the blender again and again.

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don’t boil the soup
Never boil your soup. If you are going to make clear soup, then steam the vegetables or meat lightly. This will keep the texture of vegetables and meats good.

don’t cover up
If you keep the soup covered in a hot state, then bacteria can form in them. Apart from this, their taste can also deteriorate. In such a situation, to store it, let it cool down at room temperature, then cover it and keep it in the fridge.

use of vinegar
Next time if you make soup and some taste is missing, then add a little vinegar or citric cheese to it. It helps in reaching the flavour. Always add it only after the soup is cooked.

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using kombu
If you want to add a special flavor to your soup, then buy kombu from any Japanese store and boil a two-inch piece of it in the soup. You can put it in any soup.

slow cooking
If you cook your soup on low flame for a long time, then its taste comes out more.

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