Warren Buffet does not stop doing these 2 things even in the midst of workload, Lifestyle is like a 6-year-old child! live stress free like this


Warren Buffet is helping the US government in dealing with the bank crisis.
Warren Buffet believes that people should follow some hobby after work.
Warren Buffet takes out time for his favorite works even in the midst of a busy schedule.

Warren Buffet: Warren Buffett is in discussion amidst the I bank crisis in America. Warren Buffet is helping President Joe Biden’s team to get out of this crisis. Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, maintains a healthy work-life balance, which is probably why he is performing well even at the age of 92. It is said for Buffet, known as the Oracle of Omaha, that his lifestyle is like that of a 6-year-old child. In which he sleeps a lot, eats whatever he wants, drinks a lot of coke, does a little exercise (because the doctor has strict instructions). Along with this, he does the work of his mind.

Warren Buffet has told on many occasions that he is most happy working in Berkshire Hathaway. He loves his work and works with people he trusts. Apart from work, Warren Buffet also gives a lot of time to his hobbies, he believes that if you do not have any hobby other than work, then you will be tired, more worried. While a hobby gives you peace personally, because of it you are able to do good work professionally as well.

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What are Warren Buffet’s hobbies?

In his spare time, Warren Buffett plays the card game bridge. In childhood, you must have played Monopoly i.e. Rupee-Paisa game. Bridge is one such game, which requires a lot of brain power to play and which takes a long time to finish.

Warren Buffet file photo

Warren Buffet once said about bridge, “It is the most intellectual exercise in the world. You are seeing a new situation every ten minutes. In bridge you are playing seeing profit and loss, while playing you are doing calculations all the time.

Buffet’s second hobby is the ukulele. He is seen with his ukulele on many occasions, and you will find many videos of his ukulele performance on YouTube. The story of his learning the ukulele is also very interesting. Warren Buffet was 18 years old. Studied at the University of Nebraska. He liked a girl named Betty. Betty had no interest in Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet learned to play the ukulele to impress her. Betty didn’t give him attention even then but Buffet got a hobby on the pretext of Betty. And this hobby has remained with him till now.

warren buffet ukulele cnbc photo

Warren Buffet playing the ukulele.

By the way, let us tell you that with the help of Ukulele, Warren came close to his first wife Susan. Actually, Warren Buffet had befriended Susan’s father, his father used to play mandolin.

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Warren Buffet says that 80 percent of his daily time is spent in reading. In the office he is reading documents, and at home he is reading books and newspapers. Warren Buffet believes that reading helps him think better. Because of this, business-related decisions are also taken only after careful consideration, they do not take impulsive decisions.

Is a hobby necessary for work-life balance?

It has been revealed in many studies that people who have a hobby outside of work, their stress level is less, they are more happy and because of this they are able to perform better at work. A study done on 400 people was published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. It was revealed that people who are involved in creative hobbies and those who are not, there is a big difference in their approach to work and life. Those who follow hobbies have better problem solving skills. There are very less chances of burn out in them.

work life balance

It is important to follow your hobbies for work life balance.

Warren Buffet has said that do what you love. But sometimes the work we like to do, it is not necessary to pay the bills as well. In this affair, people are also doing such jobs, where they do not feel like it. In such a situation, there will be stress as well as frustration. But if that work is done as a hobby with that work which you like to do, then that work will help in reducing your stress level. And it is not necessary that your hobby should be a fancy hobby, which can be shown off. Maybe a simple thing like walking is your hobby or you feel like cooking. You may not have been able to make your career as an artist, but if you feel relaxed by painting or singing, then your happy hormones will be released, which is very beneficial for both your mental health and physical health.

Which means doing something you enjoy after work can actually reverse your ‘unhappy at work’ status, prevent burnout and improve your health.

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