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Weekly Horoscope: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo zodiac signs, pay attention to these things, know the weekly horoscope

Updated : 26 Sep 2022 02:25 PM (IST)

Aries – This week is very special for you. There is also a strong sum of money gains this week. But the sum of expenses has also been made. Therefore, avoid the situation of spending more than income. Can party with friends. Love partner will get support. Rivals in the office may try to spoil your relationship with the boss. Be careful.

Taurus – Keep the mind under control. If you are planning to travel somewhere, then keep in mind the budget and pocket too. Avoid taking new loans. This week you have to focus on your responsibilities. This time is full of challenges for married life. Don’t be deceived by anyone. Some people may also give you wrong opinion for their benefit.

Gemini – Now you have to be serious in the matter of accounting. This week is important for you. Be careful in transactions. Cheating or fraud can also happen. You may also have to travel long distances. Keep your love partner happy. Money can be spent on clothes and fashion.

Cancer – Avoid the state of mental stress. You may be under stress this week. If you take alcohol, stop it. Not good for health. Chronic disease can emerge. You may also have to go to the doctor. You need to be positive this week. There may be a situation of promotion in the job.

Leo (Leo)- Try to be humble this week, Leo zodiac sign. That’s good for you. If you do not interfere in the lives of others, it will be better for you. Keep good relations with the in-laws. Always the state of ego presents your image in a negative way in front of others. take care of it.

Virgo (Virgo)- There can be a situation of money gain. The grace of Lakshmi ji remains on you this week. Honor and respect will also increase. If you want to change job then time is good for that. Good opportunities can be found. Be careful about your image. Married life is going to be good. Be ready to go shopping.

Libra – A new week is starting from the first day of Navratri. This week is special for you. You can get good news in terms of money. The special grace of Maa Durga remains on you. There will be happiness in married life. People whose marriage is getting delayed, they can get a good relationship for others.

Scorpio – This week you will assess yourself. Brainstorm on what was lost and what was found in the past and will decide the future direction. You can get some good opportunities this week. Take advantage of them. Avoid taking the opinion of the wrong people. Take care of health.

Sagittarius (Sagittarius)- New week is starting from the first day of Navratri. After the middle of the week, your stalled work will be done. The sum of a long journey is made. You can also go on a religious journey there. The grace of Maa Durga remains on you. Students will get success in completing the course. Good results can be seen in the field of education.

Capricorn – This week, there will be more interest in religious activities. Try to keep your mind calm. This week you will feel a new energy and enthusiasm in you. Can finalize a new deal. There is a possibility of getting benefits from abroad. Your role in the office may increase.

Aquarius – This week you will achieve success in completing your pending works to a great extent. Invest money wisely. Take shares in the stock market after thinking carefully, there is a possibility of loss. Spouse’s advice can be very useful in important matters.

Pisces (Pisces)- The week starting from Navratri is bringing new happiness for you in married life. There can be good news of a new guest coming to the house. Honor and respect will increase. Sources of income can increase. Stomach related problems can bother. So do not ignore health related problems.



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