What is Garbhrakshak Srivasudev Sutra? Ashwatthama’s Brahmastra had failed, Uttara’s unborn child did not get any heat

Garbharakshak Srivasudev Sutra is used to prevent miscarriage. This is considered an astrological remedy. Shrimad Bhagwat Vyas ji has told about the protection of Uttara’s womb through Srivasudev, which is used in the form of mantras and sutras and pregnant women can get benefits by using that Garbhrakshak Srivasudev Sutra. After the birth of the child, the guardian keeps the Shrivasudev Sutra near for a quarter of a month and then flows it in the water. The background for the creation of the Garbharakshak Srivasudev Sutra is the incident of Ashwatthama attacking the child growing in the womb of Uttara, the daughter-in-law of Arjuna and Abhimanyu’s wife, with the brahmastra.

Ashwatthama fired Brahmastra on Uttara’s womb
This is about the time when all the brothers of Duryodhana had been killed in the war of Mahabharata and he too was taking his last breath. At that time Ashwatthama, the son of Guru Dronacharya was burning in the fire of revenge against the Pandavas. During that time Arjun’s daughter-in-law Uttara was pregnant. Ashwatthama fired the infallible Brahmastra on Uttara’s womb to completely destroy the dynasty of Pandavas. Even Ashwatthama did not know the cut of that Brahmastra.

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There was an outcry, Lord Krishna became the protector
It is told that this misdeed of Ashwatthama created an outcry. The whole nature trembled due to the attack of Brahmastra. On the other hand, Lord Krishna was taking leave of the Pandavas by riding on his chariot, when Uttara’s voice was heard in his ears. He immediately covered Uttara’s womb with the armor of his illusion. Lord Vasudev became the protector of Uttara’s womb and the attack of Brahmastra became ineffective.

What is Garbhrakshak Srivasudev Sutra?
Lord Krishna was the protector of Uttara’s womb. Vyas ji has written in Shrimad Bhagwat-
Antahstha: Sarvabhutaanamatma Yogeshwaro Hari:.
Swamayyavrunod Garbh Vaaratya: Kurutantve.

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It means that Yogeshwar Shri Hari, who is situated in the form of soul in the heart of all the living beings, covered the womb of Uttara with his Maya Kavach for the growth of Kuruvansh. Make it in the form of a mantra and chant it.

Garbh Rakshak Shrivasudev Mantra
Om Antahstha: Sarvabhutaanamatma Yogeshwaro Hari: Swamayyavrnod Garbh Vaaratya: Kurutantve Swaha.

Garbhrakshak Shrivasudev Sutra is made with raw thread. He is invoked with this mantra and after that it is given to a pregnant woman to wear. This protects the womb, such is the religious belief.

In the next article, the method of making Garbhrakshak Shrivasudev Sutra and the method of wearing it will be explained.

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