What is the ‘54321’ technique for dealing with anxiety?

Health Tips: Unhealthy lifestyle, run-of-the-mill life, brings with it many problems. One of them is anxiety, it is a mental disease in which the patient feels negative thoughts, anxiety, fear along with intense restlessness. Its symptoms include sudden hand tremors, sweating, nervousness, about 15% of people in different metros of India are victims of anxiety and depression, to get out of this people try many tricks like exercise, yoga,3 -3,-3 trick, box breathing, etc., all these techniques prove to be helpful in keeping yourself calm in stressful situations. But have you ever tried the 5-4-3-2-1… grounding technique? This is one such technique which is known to help in dealing with anxiety effectively. This technique focuses on five things. This technique is just as helpful as the Pranayama technique.

What is the 5-4-3-2-1 Technique?

5-4-3 -2-1 This is a technique that can be used to relieve symptoms of anxiety such as attacks of nervousness. According to the yoga coach, whenever we feel fear or anxiety, about the past and the future, then this simple By trying this technique, we can feel calm and control our mind, it is a technique that brings you out of the past and future and brings you to the present and calms your mind. Yoga coach has given information about this technique while sharing an Instagram post. According to him, this technique engages all five of your senses and helps bring you to the present.

If you feel anxious, try these techniques

< p>If you feel anxiety, the first thing you have to do is focus on your breath, take slow and deep breaths, after that take your mind to a calm state.

Do this 5-4-3-2-1 Technique

  • Five things you can see around you..anything from a leaf to a painting you can see are.
  • Now you have to touch four things around you. It can be anything like wall, chair, clothes.
  • Listen to three things, focus your attention on 3 sounds that you can hear around you. The chirping of a bird or the sound of someone breathing or the sound of someone talking.
  • Smell two things. Either you can smell a cup of tea or you can smell your own perfume.
  • Now the last thing you have to taste is something. It can be anything from biscuits to ice cream.

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The 54321 technique is a tried and tested technique that forces your mind to return to the present and allows the body to return from an over-stimulated state to a balanced state Is. The more aware we are of our present, the better informed we actually are of potential threats.


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