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What is the difference between a hybrid and a petrol car? Which car to buy is a profitable deal


An internal combustion engine mainly runs on petrol.
The hybrid car has an electric motor along with the engine.
Hybrid cars get more mileage than petrol.

New Delhi. Due to the rising price of petrol and diesel and increasing pollution, now the demand for cars equipped with new technology like alternative fuels like CNG, hydrogen, electric and hybrid is increasing across the world. On the other hand, many car makers have stopped their diesel engines to control pollution. Nowadays many companies are launching hybrid cars.

Today, in some modern cars, customers are being given the option of a hybrid engine along with a regular petrol engine. Currently, the price of cars equipped with hybrid engines is very high, but they also get many benefits. Here we are going to tell you how a hybrid system works and how different it is from a regular petrol model?

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First know the technology of petrol engine

A petrol-powered engine or an internal combustion engine primarily runs on petrol. In this, the process of burning fuel takes place in the combustion chamber of the engine, after which power is transferred to the wheels through the driveshaft. The smoke of burnt petrol comes out into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe. Some examples of petrol powered cars are Maruti Suzuki Alto, Hyundai Verna, Hyundai i20, Tata Nexon (Petrol) and other similar cars. Most of the vehicles in the Indian market run on petrol. They cost less than hybrid, diesel and electric cars.

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What is Hybrid Engine?

The hybrid car gets an electric motor and battery along with the regular engine. It is an electric drivetrain combination of all three, which works together. Most of the hybrid cars sold in India mainly get a petrol engine. Whenever the car slows down, it automatically shifts to the electric drivetrain. The hybrid motor enhances the performance while using less petrol. The battery in the car is charged by the regenerating braking system. In some cars, it can also be charged with an external charger. The biggest advantage of hybrid cars is that they give good mileage.

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