What is the difference between AC-3 and AC-3 economy, where are more facilities available, what is the difference between the fares of both?


Railways has restored the old fare of AC-3 economy coach.
AC-3 economy coach was started in 2021.
The number of seats in these coaches is more than the common AC-3 coaches.

New Delhi. Last week, the Indian Railways announced that it was slashing AC-3 economy fares. The fare has been cut by 6-7 per cent. Those who had booked tickets online will be refunded the extra money. Till now, passengers had to pay an extra amount of around Rs 70-80 for traveling in AC-3 economy. Last year, the Railways had decided to increase its fare to make it equivalent to AC-3. Let us tell you that when these coaches were put into operation for the first time, then the fare was less than AC-3.

However, then bedsheets etc. were not given. These coaches were brought into operation in September 2021. Its fare was 6-8 per cent less than the normal AC-3 coach. It was launched as the best travel convenience at affordable prices. In 2022, bedsheets were also given in economy coaches and the fare was increased. Now the same increased fare has been reduced, but the railways will still continue to provide bedsheets.

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What is the difference between the two coaches
The design of AC-3 economy coach is different from the old AC coach. It has an extra seat in each compartment. For example, AC-3 coach has 6 berths and 2 side berths, but in AC-3 economy middle berth is also given in the side berth. In this way there are total 72 seats in AC-3 compartment while 80 seats in economy. The design of the seats has been made better and modular. AC vent is provided for each berth. Separate entrance and wide toilet doors have been provided in each coach for the differently-abled. There is a reading lamp and USB charging port for each berth and increased headroom for the middle and upper berths. Passenger information system is installed in this coach for announcement. The new coaches are equipped with CCTV.

How many economy coaches at present
Currently there are 11277 AC-3 coaches in the country. At the same time, there are about 500 coaches of AC-3 economy. According to government data, the Railways earned Rs 231 crore in the first year through the new coach. From April to August last year, the Railways had earned Rs 177 crore through these coaches.

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