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What is the secret of Anil Kapoor’s fitness, how does he beat 40 even at the age of 65?

Secret Behind Anil Kapoor’s Ageless Look: There are some Bollywood stars whose age has come to a standstill, one of them is Anil Kapoor. When it comes to Anil Kapoor’s fitness, some give credit to his workouts and some to his diet, but the truth is that there are many reasons behind Anil Kapoor’s youthful appearance. They keep many things in mind, then they are able to maintain this look and this fitness. Today we know the reason behind the young look of this Bollywood star who looks 40 even at the age of 65.

Hot yoga and running
One of the reasons behind Anil Kapoor’s fitness is his workout routine. According to various media reports, Anil Kapoor does hot yoga which helps in keeping him fit as well as looking young. Apart from this, Anil Kapoor also likes running. He keeps on learning new fitness techniques from his son Harshvardhan and also follows them. He also likes to keep the body fit through pranks.

I like this the most in food –
Although Anil Kapoor is from a Punjabi family and is very fond of food, but he also loves South Indian food. Idli, Dosa, Chutney, Rasam Chawal are some of the items that can be often seen on his plate. Apart from this, Anil Kapoor’s daily diet is divided into five to six parts, which is a balanced meal. That is, it has the right balance of protein, carbs and fat. He likes to eat chicken and fish, he also loves fruit juice. Anil Kapoor keeps his dinner light.


Happiness is the key –
According to media reports, Anil Kapoor gives the main credit of his evergreen look to stress free life. They like to live in today and they are not used to taking stress. Anil Kapoor knows how to always be happy and enjoy in every situation. They believe that all the processes of the body are operated properly by the mind and if the mind is not well then everything goes wrong. That’s why they believe in being happy in any situation. Some media reports even say that they do not even watch the films of their daughter i.e. Sonam Kapoor and son Harshvardhan. They are always in active mode and lead an active lifestyle.

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