What is Toxic Smog, why are doctors considering it so dangerous for health?

smog: The incidents of stubble burning may have reduced, but have not ended. The effect of stubble burning is clearly visible in the environment. A thin layer of haze is visible in the Delhi-NCR area and other states. Some people consider it as fog. But experts say that it is not fog, it is a thin layer of smog. Carbon particles are present in large numbers in this layer. Which are slowly affecting the respiratory system.

What is toxic smog?

Due to pollution, serious problems related to the respiratory system arise. Doctors say that due to smog, toxic elements get accumulated in the environment. When they enter the body, they work to make toxic toxins. Due to this, other parts of the body including lungs, brain, heart start getting disturbed. This is seen as toxic smog.

problems due to toxic smog

If there is smog in the environment for a long time, then only its long term effects will be seen in the body. Staying in such a situation continuously can lead to other respiratory diseases like asthma, COPD, bronchitis. Because of this, other problems can be irritation in the eyes, problems related to sore throat. Apart from this, let’s look at other diseases. Due to which these problems happen.

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emphysema This is a serious disease of the lungs. If this disease persists for a long time, the air sacs present in the lungs get damaged. Later, when the condition worsens, the air spaces of the lungs become larger. Symptoms include difficulty in breathing, dry cough, mucus in cough, gasping while walking, etc.

Bronchitis This disease is also related to the lungs. When the disease persists for a long time, patches appear in the air spaces of the lungs. This disease usually occurs due to pollution or weak immune system. This disease also occurs due to exposure to tobacco smoke, air pollution, dust and smoke.

asthma This is a very common disease of the breath. Respiratory allergy occurs after being in contact with an allergic object, animal for a long time. Even living in a polluted place affects the respiratory system. These allergies later seriously damage the respiratory tract. Due to this, swelling starts on the respiratory tract, due to which symptoms like difficulty in breathing, excessive breathlessness, gasping for any work or walking fast start appearing. Many times the patient can come to an asthmatic attack.

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It is necessary for rescue that if you see smog or any polluted place, then avoid going to that place. Wear a mask to avoid pollution, use an air purifier in the car. Keep windows and doors closed when pollution is high. Take nutritious diet, include exercise and yoga in daily routine. If there is smog then avoid morning and evening walk. Consult a doctor if you see problems.

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