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What should be the diet to avoid hypothyroidism, know A to Z complete information

Hypothyroidism Symptoms: When our body does not produce enough thyroid hormone, then the problem of hypothyroidism starts. Due to this, there can be many problems in our body. Due to the deficiency of thyroid hormone, we may have problems like sleeplessness, sudden increase or decrease in heartbeat, weight loss. A proper diet is needed for adequate amounts of thyroid hormone. Let’s know the right diet to avoid hypothyroidism.

the need for these vitamins

According to doctors, the body should get vitamins D, B12, magnesium, and iron. Along with this, we should also eat such food which strengthens the bones of our body and improves immunity. Therefore, to avoid hypothyroidism, include this diet in your routine.


Iodine is a very important thing for our body. This helps the body to make thyroid hormone. Lack of iodine in the body increases the risk of hypothyroidism. Keep in mind that too much iodine can be dangerous.

green leafy vegetables

To stay away from the risk of hypothyroidism, eat green leafy vegetables. Eating broccoli, sprouts, cauliflower, brussels and turnips can provide relief in the problem of hypothyroidism. So definitely include these things in your diet.


Elements rich in selenium such as sardines, eggs, etc. prove to be helpful in the problem of hypothyroidism. Selenium is the element that helps in the production of thyroid hormone in the body. But, also keep in mind that excessive use of selenium can increase the risk of hair loss to heart attack. So you need to be alert.

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