What to do to report cyber crime? Beware of viral messages, this is the correct helpline number

New Delhi. At present, many cases related to cyber fraud and fraud are often heard. In these, people are targeted in different ways and money is made missing from their bank accounts. But sometimes rumors related to this are also heard. Nowadays, a similar video is going viral in the social media, in which a person in police uniform is giving a number to complain about cyber fraud. There is confusion among many people about its truth.

Let us tell you that PIB Fact Check has confirmed that the number given by the police officer in the video is correct, but this video is very old, because this number has changed now. The number mentioned in the video is ‘155260’ which has now been changed to the toll-free helpline number ‘1930’.

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Report cyber crime here
According to a tweet from the official Twitter handle of PIB, the Ministry of Home Affairs had started an instant service “155260” to report cybercrime, which has now been changed to . This is a toll free number on which you can report any kind of cybercrime. It has been told in the tweet that a complaint related to cybercrime can also be lodged on

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