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What to do with PAN, Aadhar, Passport and Voter ID after death? how can they be used


These documents are also used for identification.
Government office has become private, without them the work does not work.
Any fraudster can do fraud using these documents.

New Delhi. In today’s time, documents like Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Voter ID and Passport are very important. Government office has become a private office, without these documents no work can be done. These documents are used for identity proof as well as address proof. But have you ever thought that if a person has died, then what to do with all his documents?

At some point in life, such a situation comes with everyone, when he has no family or close friends. Today everyone definitely has these documents. But, the question arises that after someone’s death, what should be done with his documents? Should they be kept? Or should these documents be submitted to the concerned department? Do all these documents get canceled automatically or do you have to apply for it?

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pan card

PAN card is an essential document for any kind of financial activity. This is necessary for filing income tax, for opening a bank account or while taking a loan. It is also linked to your bank account. PAN card can also be misused after someone’s death. Therefore, his PAN card should be submitted to the Income Tax Department. However, all bank accounts should be closed before surrendering.

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What to do with Aadhar card?

Aadhar card has become a very important document in today’s time. Therefore, anyone can fraud by taking this information. Therefore, for the wrong use of the deceased’s card, it can be locked through the UIDAI website. Aadhar card can only be locked. There is no process to cancel it. Apart from this, if there is any government link with the Aadhar card of the deceased, then the information will have to be given to the concerned department.

voter id

A person can vote in an election only if he has a voter card. Voter card is made on attaining the age of 18 years. However, after the death of someone, you can get his voter ID card canceled. To cancel the voter card, you have to go to the election office and fill Form-7. After that this card will be cancelled. To get the voter ID canceled, the death certificate of the person will be required.

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