Where is the petrol pump of the train, how is diesel filled in the engine, how much mileage does it give?


The petrol in the engine of the train is filled at the station itself.
For this, pumps are installed next to the railway tracks.
These are kept locked in a box which can be opened by railway staff.

New Delhi. In the country, train engines are being made to run on electricity instead of diesel very fast. For this, electrification of railway lines is also in full swing. However, many trains are still run wholly or partly on diesel. Do you know where diesel is filled to run these trains? Where is the petrol pump of these trains. There is no need to take these trains to any special petrol pump or yard for fueling. This work is done at the station itself.

Actually, at the station itself, there is a pine line for filling diesel in the engine. This pipe is right next to the tracks so that diesel can be filled comfortably by parking the vehicle there. A steel box is made to hide the pump, the key of which is with the railway employee who has been assigned the task of filling this diesel. Even after opening the box, only that worker has the special tools to start the pump. Diesel is filled in the engine by putting a pipe in the same way as petrol is poured in a normal vehicle. There is a scale near the diesel tank which shows how much diesel is filled.

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Where is diesel filled
The tank of any train is filled once at the point of origin i.e. the starting station. For short distance journeys, the first fill of diesel is sufficient. However, if the train has to travel a long distance, then diesel goes to another station in the engine. For example, in many trains going from Delhi to Bihar, diesel is refueled at Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Junction. The capacity of diesel in a train engine is 5 to 6 thousand litres. If the diesel comes below 1500 litres, then it is refilled at a nearby station.

How much mileage does diesel engine give?
It depends on different trains that how many kilometers the engine will run in one litre. The engine of a passenger train with 12 or 24 coaches runs only 1 kilometer in 6 litres. At the same time, the engine of 12-coach express train runs for 1 km in 4.5 liters only. This happens because the express train does not apply brakes frequently and consumes less diesel.

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