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Which dry fruits should be eaten by a diabetic patient, which should not, know here

A diabetic patient should take utmost care of his diet. If you do not take a good diet, then weakness starts in the body. Eat dry fruits to keep the body healthy and fit. However, not all dry fruits are beneficial for diabetic patients. There are many such dry fruits which can increase blood sugar by eating them. Know which dryfruits should be eaten in diabetes.

Which dry fruits should be eaten in diabetes

  • Walnut- Eating walnuts is beneficial in diabetes. Walnuts are rich in vitamin E and low in calories. This keeps cholesterol under control. It has been found in many researches that eating a handful of walnuts reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Almond- A diabetic patient must eat almonds. Almonds are very beneficial. Due to this, insulin starts making in the body, which helps in controlling the blood sugar level. A diabetic patient should eat soaked almonds daily.
  • Cashew- Blood sugar can also be controlled by eating cashew nuts. Cholesterol control remains by eating cashew nuts. This reduces the risk of heart diseases. Cashew nuts should be eaten by a diabetic patient. This helps in controlling sugar.
  • pistachio- Pistachios are also very beneficial in diabetes. The patient of sugar must eat pistachios daily. Pistachios are rich in fiber, protein, vitamin C, zinc, copper, potassium, iron, calcium. All these elements help in keeping the body healthy.

Which dry fruits should not be eaten in diabetes
A diabetic patient should not eat raisins in large quantities. Due to the sweetness of raisins, there is a risk of increasing blood sugar. At the same time, eating figs should also be avoided. A diabetic patient should not eat even dates and dates. All these dry fruits are sweet. These can increase blood sugar.

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