Why CNG is considered better than petrol and diesel, being good for the environment is not the only reason

New Delhi. For the betterment of the environment, now the governments are gradually promoting electric vehicles. But before this, instead of petrol and diesel in the form of green fuel, the use of CNG i.e. Compressed Natural Gas was started. It got a lot of support from the governments. Its effect was also seen a lot. Due to the arrival of CNG buses in Delhi, there was a significant drop in pollution.

Is CNG better just because it reduces pollution? Of course, it is primarily known for this but there are other factors that make CNG a better fuel alternative to petrol and diesel. That’s why companies also made such cars that can run on both petrol and CNG. Today we will talk about some such factors.

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clean and green
As we said that CNG is most known for the fact that it causes less damage to the environment than fossil fuels (petrol-diesel). Compared to petrol and diesel, CNG produces 80 percent less carbon monoxide. Apart from this, CNG emits 45 percent less hydrocarbons than the other 2 options mentioned above.

CNG is safer than petrol and diesel
CNG is not available in liquid form. Due to its gaseous form, it is exhausted sooner than petrol and diesel when it comes out, thus reducing the risk of fire. CNG containers are more robust than petrol and diesel tanks. Apart from this, CNG starts burning at 540 degree Celsius which is almost double as compared to petrol and diesel.

better for car engine
CNG is better for your car engine. It leaves less waste in the engine than petrol-diesel. CNG does not produce such particles while burning which are produced by petrol-diesel. This results in less damage to the engine pipes, which increases the life of the engine.

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