Why did Meera Bai adopt quietness leaving royalty, how was her horoscope? Due to the influence of which planet, left the worldly fascination


According to astrology, Meerabai’s horoscope is of Cancer Ascendant.
Mirabai never accepted Bhojraj as her husband.

Horoscope of Meera Bai: Who does not know about Meerabai, an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. Everyone who is interested in Sanatan Dharma knows about his devotion. There are different opinions regarding Mirabai’s birth, but the fact that she was born in 1504 AD is mostly supported. Meerabai was born in the house of Ratan Singh, son of Ravdudaji, the promoter of the Medatiya branch. According to religious texts, Meerabai’s father Ratan Singh was a religious person. He used to get his daughter Meerabai to donate to both worshipable and needy people, due to which a sense of compassion had arisen in his mind for the poor. His mother, brother and other family members were engrossed in devotion. Resident of Bhopal Astrologer and Vastu Consultant Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma It is being told about that yoga of Meerabai’s horoscope, because of which she left the monarchy and got engrossed in devotion.

Raja Yoga in Mirabai’s Kundli

According to astrology, Meerabai’s horoscope is of Cancer ascendant, in which ascendant Moon is in the constellation of seventh lord and eighth lord Saturn, she is sitting in the sub-constellation of Rahu. Moon is ascendant in his horoscope, besides this second lord Sun, sixth lord and lord Jupiter, seventh lord and eighth lord Shani are also sitting. Dhanesh is conjunct with Lagnesh in Surya Lagna. The combination of Jupiter in Bhagyesh with Dhanesh and Lagnesh is creating Raja Yoga. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer sign. Those sitting in the Ascendant are looking completely at the fifth, seventh and fortune houses. Gajakesari Yoga is being formed due to the combination of Moon and Dev Guru Jupiter. Mirabai was born in the royal family due to such Rajyoga present in the horoscope, besides, she was also married to Kunwar Bhojraj, the son of Maharana Sanga of Udaipur.

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found disinterest like this

According to astrologers, the combination of Moon and Saturn in Mirabai’s horoscope had given her quietness even after many Raj Yogas being made in her horoscope. Those whose horoscope is of Cancer Ascendant, Moon is in Ascendant and Saturn is in Ashtamesh. The eighth house is considered to be the house of depth. It is also called the sense of research. The eighth house is also considered as the house of age. When Shani, being the lord of the eighth house, forms a conjunction with the lord of the ascendant, then the person gets to see the truth. Similarly, in Meerabai’s Kundli, Moon Lagnesh, Sun Dhanesh and Dev Guru Jupiter Bhagyesh and Ashtamesh Shani’s Chaturgrahi Yog was formed in the constellation of Ashtamesh and Markesh. According to astrology, maximum effect of Saturn was seen in Mirabai’s horoscope. Shanidev is considered to be the factor of quietness, who together with Bhagyesh Dev Guru Brihaspati, the factor of religion, took the Lagnesh Moon completely under his influence.

Once in childhood Mirabai saw a wedding procession and asked her mother where is my bridegroom? In response to this, he pointed towards Lord Krishna and said that he is your bridegroom. Since then, Meera’s child’s image was formed in her mind and she started serving Lord Krishna considering him as her husband. Shani Dev is sitting in his own constellation in the seventh house and Vyesh is in the sub-constellation of Mercury. Shani is conjunct with ascendant Moon in the ascendant. Because of which Mirabai never accepted Bhojraj as her husband, but both had respect and friendship towards each other. Due to the presence of ascendant moon in the constellation of Saturn and the sub-constellation of Rahu in the eighth house, Meerabai attained disinterest in not getting materialistic pleasures.

According to astrology, the person whose horoscope is Cancer ascendant and Saturn is in the eighth house or in the ascendant, then it is considered valid. This was the reason that shortly after the marriage, Bhojraj died after being injured in the war. When Mirabai was asked to commit sati according to tradition, she said that the death of my husband Girdhari, who gave life to the world, is impossible. When Bhojraj died, Meerabai had to face difficulties in doing spiritual practice. Because of which he left the palace. In his horoscope, Dhanesh Sun is sitting in the ascendant in the twelfth house from himself. Apart from this, the planet Venus, which is also a benefic planet, is situated in the constellation of Rahu in the eighth house and in its own sub-star in the twelfth house.

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Most of Mirabai’s planets are sitting in the constellation of the seventh lord Saturn or in the sub-constellations of those planets sitting in the constellation. The eighth house is also called the Chridra house and the eighth house is also considered as the twelfth house of the ninth house. Because of these planets and constellations, Meerabai had given up royal splendor and prosperity. The fifth house is considered to be the house of knowledge, intelligence and mind. Mars is the most powerful of the fifth lord and is in the constellation of the Sun, in the sub-constellation of the Moon. The vision of Mars is completely formed from second house to fifth house, eighth house and ninth house. Mars is also Karmesh. Sun is a separatist planet. Saturn, Dev Guru Jupiter and Moon are set due to the influence of Sun. Sun is powerful in Shadbal after Mars. Due to the separatist nature of Surya, Meera Bai was not attached to the material world.

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