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Why dieticians refuse to drink green tea, know the reason behind it

Green Tea Benefits: One of the biggest problems these days is weight loss. For this, people keep devising different methods. Many people follow a special diet. They think that doing so will help in weight loss. One such method of weight loss is green tea. There are many benefits of green tea. Antioxidants are found very much in it. In such a situation, the biggest question arises whether green tea really helps in reducing weight. Nutritionist and dietitian Garima Goyal has openly discussed this whole matter.

Garima Goyal says, ‘Whether green tea is effective in weight loss or not, cannot be said. It also has many benefits or gives you an energetic fill, two things are found in green tea. Caffeine and catechins. This affects your body in different ways. It is believed that it helps a lot in reducing fat. Garima tells that there are two types of beliefs about green tea. The first is that drinking green tea reduces belly fat. On the other hand, it is also to be said that it is not possible to reduce your stomach by just sipping tea. You cannot lose weight only with the help of green tea, for this you have to follow a good diet and lifestyle.

Are there benefits of drinking green tea?
To some extent, yes. Green tea contains polyphenols, caffeine and iron which act as antioxidants. But always keep in mind that drinking too much green tea can harm the body. By doing this, it can also happen that instead of its benefits, you will be at loss.

how much green tea should be drunk
According to Garima Goyal, if you look at health, then drinking green tea is beneficial, but one to 2 cups. And while drinking green tea, keep in mind that do not drink green tea by mistake immediately after eating. Green tea may not make you lose weight but it is good for your health.

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