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Why is National Nut Day celebrated? Know what is the main reason behind this


National Nut Day organized to dispel myths related to nuts
Most people organize many activities related to nuts on this day.
Nuts/dry nuts breakfast can be a healthy snack

National Nut Day 2022National Nut Day is celebrated all over the country on 22 October. By the way, nuts are considered a treasure of nutrition. Which fills the meal with nutritious elements. Nuts are one such thing that is full of energy. If you want, you can eat it raw or you can eat it by cooking it in any dish. Not only this, nuts are used in natural oil and beauty products.

The fats found in nuts are mostly good fats. It also contains monounsaturated fats. Many nuts are good sources of vitamins E and B2. Apart from this, it also contains mineral elements like protein, folate fiber, potassium, copper, selenium. Which are very beneficial for health.

Know about National Nut Day

Healthy can be made through nuts. A snack of nuts/dry nuts can be a healthy snack A snack can be a healthy snack. Which can get many benefits. One of the best things about nuts is that there are many varieties. Which can be included in the meal according to their test. Which are not only tasty, but also nutritious. It is rich in calcium, vitamin E and protein. Which can also help in improving heart health.

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History of National Nut Day

Liberation Foods Company organized National Nut Day to celebrate the long and long history of nuts as well as dispel some of the myths associated with nuts. After the establishment of National Nut Day, there was a war of tastes associated with nuts all over the world. Because gradually people started getting to know about the different types of nuts, the same kind of taste.

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The best way to celebrate National Nut Day is to make or fry a nice dish full of nuts. Most people organize many activities related to nuts on this day, in which many types of nuts are included. You can also celebrate National Nut Day by participating in such activities on this day.

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