Why is there increasing tension in brother-sister relationship? These 7 things can be responsible

Siblings Relationship: The relation of brother and sister is very unique and special in this world. Every brother loves his sister wholeheartedly and wants to give her every happiness in the world. But in the rapidly changing social environment, nowadays changes are also visible in the relationship between brother and sister. When a sibling is brought up in a home together, there are many factors that determine how their relationship will be when they grow up.

Due to this fast-paced life dynamics and changing relationships with parents, siblings are also getting separated from each other. Family environment also affects the childhood of siblings and it affects their adult life as well. At present, regarding the changing relationship of siblings, psychiatrist Emily H Sanders wrote on her Instagram post that it always happens in our society that the conflicts and problems arising in the relationship of siblings are ignored.

Emily said that even though sibling relationships are built on the foundation of trust and friendship, many things can affect it. He said that generally there is closeness and friendship between siblings, although in the meantime one of the biggest sad things is that at present, estrangement, misbehavior, rivalry between siblings is increasing.

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Psychiatrist Emily has shown some points of the home environment which badly affects the lives of siblings and makes them stressful.

Partiality: It is often seen in households nowadays that it is the parents who discriminate between siblings. Parents give preference to only one among their own children. Due to such an environment jealousy starts to arise in other siblings and at the same time, self-esteem starts decreasing in them.

Abuse: Due to the atmosphere of favoritism in the same house, gradually the problem of misbehavior between siblings also starts to arise.

Parental Attention: When it comes to taking care of the parents of any one of the siblings, then even in such a situation in the changing environment, there is tension in the relationship between the siblings.

After the arrival of the baby, take care of these things in the relationship, the closeness will remain intact

Sibling Abuse: At present, the problem of misbehavior between siblings is also arising. It also determines the direction of their adult life.

against each other: Often some such functions are organized in the same house in which siblings turn against each other. Such actions may seem normal, but the consequences they cause make the relationship of siblings strained.

difficult situation: When a family collectively faces a difficult situation or problems, the feelings of siblings also affect in such situations.

Healthy Communication: To make any relationship strong, it is very important to have dialogue and communication in it. Nowadays everyone has forgotten the relationship behind earning money. The communication between people in the same family has ended and such situations badly affect the relationship of brother and sister.

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