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Why things were cheap in father’s time, you will be shocked to hear the answer of the child

Father to his son, “There was a time when I used to bring groceries, milk, vegetables and snacks for only 5 rupees.
Son to his father – “It is not possible now father, because now CCTV cameras are installed everywhere.”

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Pintu, who lives in the hostel, told his friends – dude cheated ho gaya hoax
A friend – what happened?
Pintu- Man had asked for money for the books from home, but the family members sent the books only.

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The math teacher said to the children- “Tomorrow I will give a question to all of you. Come prepared everyone.”
The next day the teacher asked- “Tell me, how many hairs do you have on your head?”
A student replied- “Eight crore, seventy lakh, four thousand, three hundred and twenty, sir.”
The teacher said- “How did you count it?”
The student said- “This has become another question, sir, you had asked to come after preparing only one question.”

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