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With these things, bring a change in the ‘gender stereotype’ thinking of children, there will be no problem in future


Do not discriminate among children regarding the choice of toys.
Instead of appearance, discuss the good habits of people.

Everyday Ways To Bust Gender Stereotypes Thinking In kids: There is a lot of talk of gender equality. But do you know that if you want to change this thinking, then it is very important to stop the generation of gender stereotype thinking before the minds of daughters. Psychologist Andrea Bustinia Archibeld at GirlScout says that in childhood, children do not have any kind of discrimination in their minds and they play with each other without any prejudice. As they grow up, the things around them and the gender stereotype thinking of the people gradually affect them. If they are talked about equality and taught behavior during the growing age, then they are saved from discrimination even when they grow up.

Do not teach discrimination in toys
It is not necessary that if it is a boy, then he should play with guns or vehicles and girls with dolls. If you are creating such a thing in their mind, then you are giving birth to a feeling of discrimination in them since childhood. Children should be given a chance to play with all kinds of toys.

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Meet Inspiring People
If children think that a fireman can only be a man, then you should join them with the women officers of the nearby fire department who work to save lives in case of fire. This will be inspiring for girl child and boy child will not be stuck in old thinking.

watch and discuss
After watching a movie or program, you can ask your children about its main character. For example, if you have seen a film of a superhero, then think on this topic that if its lead actor was a lady, then what could be its story. Doing this will not create a sense of stereotype in the children.

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think before you speak
If you are praising a woman, then it is better that you talk about her appearance, way of meeting people, her behavior, her confidence rather than discussing her beauty.

create atmosphere at home
If only women do household chores in your house, then you should bring a change in the environment of your home. For this, you should not make your daughter do household chores all the time and make your sons do household chores too. While getting the daughter to work outside or do more hard work.

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