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With this one thing a person can be successful in life, the price is also nothing

Vidur Niti: Mahatma Vidur was the General Secretary of Hastinapur. He was a very intelligent, honest, efficient politician and scholar. He always followed the path of truth and dharma. That is why Mahatma Vidur was considered an incarnation of Dharmaraja. Due to these qualities in Mahatma Vidur, Lord Krishna also praised him and Vidur became very dear to him.

According to the Mahabharata, it is true that Maharaja Dhritarashtra was more in favor of his son Duryodhana than for justice and religion. After this, Maharaja Dhritarashtra used to consult Mahatma Vidur on important and esoteric subjects related to life. The compilation of these advices of his is the Vidur Niti. This Vidur policy is very important even today. According to Vidur Niti, if a person has to be successful in his life, then he should speak sweetly and very thoughtfully.

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According to Vidur Niti, a person’s speech is very effective. Therefore, one should always speak very thoughtfully. The person whose speech is hoarse and full of anger. Everyone wants to stay away from him. Harsh or harsh speech injures itself or becomes its cause. Vidur ji says that the work which cannot be done with money and power. That work can be done with melodious voice. The more sweet a person speaks, the more success he gets in life.

According to Vidur Niti, a person who speaks sweet becomes everyone’s favorite. Through their sweet voice, people can also make their enemy their friend. If a person gets humility along with sweet speech, then he will always be successful in life. Sweet speech and humility bring respect and prestige to any person in the society. It is a person’s ornament. A person adorned with these ornaments attains excellence and hoists the flag of success in every field. The most important thing is that there is no cost to be paid for it.

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