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Women have to face these challenges to progress in the workplace


In some circumstances, pregnancy leave greatly affects the career of women.
Many offices in leadership positions do not get a chance due to being women.

Challenges That Women Face At Workplace: In the 21st century, women have proved their mettle in every field of work. Then be it the finance sector, force or any other field, they are working shoulder to shoulder with the men and are also achieving success to complete the mission. But this does not mean that every women is completely beyond the barriers in their field of work and they are getting equal opportunities as men. Here we tell you that what are the challenges women have to go through to improve their career graph at the workplace, which creates many big difficulties for them and the situation comes to wash their hands from their career.

Work place challenges for women

According to the Woman Icon Network, it is a legal offense to discriminate against a pregnant woman in the office. Apart from this, if a woman wants to work in pregnancy and she is being forced to go on leave, then what is it called? Actually, women in every field do not feel the need for pregnancy leave and they do not want to leave their career in the middle and go on paid leave. Actually, doing so can harm his career.

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equal pay
On average, women have to work more than men in places but their salaries are less than men. Although women employees can demand pay audit in the company, but she may have to clash with the management, which can threaten her job. In such a situation, it is challenging to find companies where equal pay is talked about.

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lack of opportunity for leadership
There are many firms where there is a difference between women and men for leadership positions. This is often because men are assigned to high-profile, mission-critical assignments that serve as professionals and milestones. This may be a result of the prejudices of the institute.

sexual harassment
Sexual harassment at the workplace is still a problem. If something like this happens to a woman, then it should be reported to the management and the management should investigate it and take appropriate steps. But in many places, people of management or big leadership positions suppress these things and the woman has to lose her job.

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