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Women should do these 5 important things related to health at the age of 40 to 50, they will stay away from problems


Get information from the doctor about birth control techniques.
Include more calcium and vitamin D in the diet.

Women Health tips: With age comes many changes in health and body. In such a situation, for better health, it is most important that we keep doing some physical tests. Apart from this, it is also important to improve your eating habits and make lifestyle more and more healthy. According to WebMD.com news, women should keep some important things in mind, especially in the growing age. If they are entering the age of 40-50, then they need to be more cautious. Let us tell you which things are most important for women of this age to keep in mind related to their health.

40 Women from the age of 50 should take care of these things

Change in method of birth control
There are many such birth control methods that can harm the body at this age. For example, problems related to the heart may increase and there may be problems of blood clots. In such a situation, it is important that you contact your doctor and get information about birth control techniques according to age and need.

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Know about menopause
This is the age when women go through menopause. In such a situation, it would be better if you see any kind of symptoms, discuss with your doctor and go on solving the problems.

take care of bones
If you are not doing anything special for your bones yet, then it is better that you pay attention to this thing from now on. This is the time when you go through the problem of menopause which causes a lot of damage to your bones. In such a situation, take the advice of your doctor and consume more and more calcium and vitamin D in the diet.

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Screening test required
You get your screening test done regularly. At this age, women should get a mammogram checkup, so that the chances of breast cancer can be recognized at the right time. Apart from this, get tested for cervical cancer, thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol etc.

adult vaccine
It would be better if you take the flu vaccine every year. Apart from this, you should contact your doctor to get information about what kind of vaccine he should take. By doing this you can avoid the risk of major diseases.

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