World Diabetes Day 2022: When and why ‘World Diabetes Day’ is celebrated, read the importance of this day

World Diabetes Day 2022: Every year ‘World Diabetes Day 2022’ is celebrated on 14 November on the date of birth of Sir Frederick Banting. Sir Frederick Banting along with Charles Herbert discovered the hormone insulin. According to experts, today about 463 million people are suffering from diabetes. 90% of these diabetic patients have type-2 diabetes. According to an estimate by health professionals, the rapidly increasing cases of diabetes can cause premature death of a person, so it is very important to spread awareness about this disease, so that people can adopt prevention tips. If you have diabetes, you can control it.

World Diabetes Day 2022 theme
This year’s theme for World Diabetes Day is Access to Diabetes Education. Is. Diabetes is a type of metabolic disorder. Awareness about this disease can be spread through education, so by making some dietary changes and exercising regularly, a person can bring himself out of the risk of this disease.

History of World Diabetes Day
This day was decided by the International Diabetes Foundation itself. From 1991, it was recognized by the UN as a global day and everyone started to understand that it is a very serious disease.

Significance of World Diabetes Day
Celebrating Diabetes Day is necessary to spread awareness about it, so that everyone can know about its symptoms and when to start getting treatment. At this time, information is also given about whether people have health care facilities to fight diabetes or not.

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