World TB Day 2023: TB hollows out the organ where it catches, never ignore 5 signs

World TB Day 2023: If TB ie tuberculosis is left without treatment, it makes the body hollow. Till 5-6 decades ago, TB was an incurable disease, which was feared like cancer. Today TB medicine is available, but most of the people do not even know that they may have TB when they see the symptoms of TB. That’s why they leave it without treatment for many days. Very dangerous result comes out of this. TB is caused by bacteria. Usually it infects the lungs but it can occur in any part of the body. Even in the reproductive organs, its bacteria increases infertility by reaching it. That’s why it is necessary to identify TB in time.

People whose immune system is very weak, they are most at risk of getting TB. Antibiotics are given for the treatment of TB, but the form of some bacteria is not cured even by medicine. In the early stages, when someone has TB, there is mild fever and fatigue, this is the reason why most people do not recognize TB in the beginning. Here we will discuss about such signs which will make it easy to identify TB.

signs of TB
According to the Mayo Clinic, TB bacteria develop in three stages in the body and different symptoms are seen in these three stages.

1. Phase 1-Primary TB infection- In primary infection, cells of the immune system identify the germ of TB and capture and kill it. But some germ survives despite this. Primary infection usually does not show any symptoms. Some people may complain of mild fever, fatigue and phlegm, which also occurs in other common diseases.

2. Latent TB infection-After primary infection comes the stage of latent TB. In this stage, the immune system builds a wall around the TB germ, due to which the germ does not cause harm till then. But even after this the germ can remain alive. Although no symptoms are seen in this stage.

3. Active TB – If the germ of TB remains alive even after the second stage, then the immune system is not able to work again. Now the germ spreads the infection throughout the lungs. Apart from the lungs, TB bacteria start reaching other places as well. However, it takes months or years for the bacteria to reach this stage. The symptoms of active TB are as follows.

1. Excessive phlegm which is not cured by normal medicines.
2. Bleeding from mucus.
3. Chest pain.
4. Pain in breathing or coughing.
5. Having fever.
6. Feeling cold.
7. Sweating at night.
8. Not feeling hungry.
9. Being tired.
10. Not feeling well.

What is the treatment of TB
TB is 100% curable. Although the reality is that people still die from TB. The biggest reason for this is that people go for TB treatment very late. TB can be cured 100 percent by antibiotic medicine if it is reached to the doctor in the latent stage itself or the doctor is contacted after seeing the symptoms. For this, medicine has to be taken for four to five months. In such a situation, if you see symptoms related to TB, do not hesitate to go to the doctor.

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