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World Thrift Day 2022: Why ‘World Thrift Day’ is celebrated today on 31 October, know here


Today (31 October) is celebrated as ‘World Thrift Day’.
Saving money is necessary to increase the economic condition of the country.

World Thrift Day 2022: ‘World Thrift Day is celebrated every year on 31 October all over the world, but in India this day is celebrated every year on 30 October. This is because, on this day in 1984, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi died. In India, this day is celebrated on 30 October. However, the purpose of celebrating this day is to increase the importance of saving among the people. Saving money, which we first learned from our parents in childhood, is one of the main aspects of our life. Saving money is very important in our life. Saving money is necessary for every person. Savings works as a responsible contribution in the development of the country. Saving money is also necessary to increase the economic condition of the country.

When was it first started?
The International Thrift Congress, held for the first time in the Italian city of Milan, had decided to celebrate 31 October as ‘World Thrift Day’.

benefits of saving
By saving money we can start good employment. You can get good education. To maintain good health, timely treatment can be done. The word thrift means to use resources carefully, which we cannot use fully at one go. As we all know, financial resources are not available in abundance but are limited.

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Therefore, it becomes necessary to protect the money to achieve a good standard of living and also to keep the economy of the country safe. ‘World Thrift Day’ also focuses on the financial security of the country.
This day is celebrated to give a message to the people that what you save today will secure your future. For a good future, it is important to save a little.

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