World Water Day 2023: Clean water is very important for good health, dirty water can cause 5 deadly diseases

Unclean Water Cause Disease: You must have heard since childhood that water is life. Life cannot be imagined without water. Everyone needs water for eating, drinking, household chores, farming and all other businesses. Availability of clean water is important for public health. Whether water is used for drinking or it is used for domestic purposes, food production or any other purpose, but this water should be clean. Lack of clean water can cause many major health hazards. Today, on the occasion of World Water Day, we will tell you what serious diseases people can get due to not drinking clean water.

Former President of Delhi Medical Association Dr. Anil Bansal It is said that clean water is very important for health. Any kind of dirt or pollution in water can cause serious harm to health. The pollutants present in the water cause a lot of harm by reaching the body and start damaging the body parts. Drinking dirty water for a long time increases the risk of many types of infections. To clean the water, you can boil it and cool it. After that you can drink it. Due to this, the risk of diseases to your health can be reduced to some extent.

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These 5 diseases can be caused by dirty water

Not drinking clean water can cause typhoid, which becomes serious in many cases.
Drinking dirty water can lead to a fatal disease like Hepatitis A ie Jaundice.
If dirty water reaches the stomach, it does not get digested and causes diarrhoea.
– Not drinking clean water can cause bacterial and amoebic infections in the stomach.
Dirty water is the main cause of cholera (cholera) and it is a fatal disease.

The danger increases in summer

According to Dr. Anil Bansal, there is a shortage of water in summer and in such a situation people have to face the crisis of clean water. In such a situation, it is necessary to drink water only after cleaning it. By doing this, many types of diseases can be prevented. To clean the water, boil it and then drink it after it cools down. Apart from this, you can put a tablet of chlorine in a bucket of water. If possible, use RO or other water purifiers. This will have many great benefits for your health.

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