World’s largest passenger train, you will sweat counting the coaches

New Delhi. Do you know which is the longest train in the world… in which country did it run? Today we are going to tell you about the train that looks like a giant snake. The length of this train is about 2 kms. Let’s know again about this very unique train. The world’s longest passenger train ran in Switzerland, famous for its natural beauty. Switzerland had claimed to run a 1.9 kilometer long passenger train on completion of 175 years of Swiss Railways. At the same time, Switzerland’s Raetian Railway claimed that it is the longest train in the world.

According to media reports, there are 100 coaches in this train and it is run by seven drivers simultaneously. At the same time, this train has 4550 seats and it was run between the beautiful hills of Alps. The government wants to attract tourists from all over the world by running this train.

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The train will pass through a beautiful route
Operated by the Raetian Railway (RhB), the train will pass through the scenic route Albula/Bernina which is famous for its 22 tunnels and 48 bridges. The Albula/Bernina was also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 and is one of the best routes in Switzerland. Every year millions of tourists come here to see the natural beauty. At the same time, this whole journey takes more than an hour.

150 people were on the train
When this train was running, its roof was shining like silver in the sun. It was further written Alpine Cruise, in which 150 passengers were on board. The train traveled on the long spiral Albula/Bernina route, which has been selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The train covered a distance of 25 km from Preda to Alvenue. About 3000 people watched the train move on a big screen in the middle of the route.

people waiting for the train on the way
To see this train in large numbers, people were sitting on the hills in the middle of the journey route. People were sitting with cameras to record this incident. This beautiful red colored train crossed 22 mountain tunnels and 48 bridges. It also includes a 65 meter high bridge. The Swiss media covered the incident extensively. Many lookout points were closed to traffic.

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