Wow! The company should be like this, when Google and Meta are snatching jobs, this IT company is distributing cars to the employees.

New Delhi. While tech giants like Meta, Amazon and Google are laying off employees, there is also an IT company which is gifting cars to its employees as a reward. You might not believe this news but it is 100% true. This company giving luxury cars to the employees is Indian. Tridhya Tech of Ahmedabad. The company has encouraged its 13 employees by giving them gleaming vehicles. The cars have been given to those employees who have been working with the company for a long time.

IT company Tridhya Tech has recently completed 5 years of its establishment. Company’s MD Ramesh Marand says that the position that the company has achieved in the last 5 years is the result of the hard work of the employees working here. He said that we believe in sharing the money earned with the employees. Tridhya Tech provides Digital Transformation Services.

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The employees are also very happy with this move of the company. They say that when hard work is appreciated then there is a lot of satisfaction. If the company gives some part of its profit as a gift to the employees, then the happiness doubles. This also gives inspiration to work harder. Dhruv Patel, who has been associated with Tridhya Tech since the inception of the company, says that the company never fails to appreciate our contribution to the development. Generally, employees of IT companies change jobs in 1-2 years for higher salary as soon as they get a chance. But, Tridhya Tech’s long working employees have led to a lot of growth.

What does Tridhya Tech do?
Tridhya Tech provides end-to-end tech solutions that include digital platforms, e-commerce services, enterprise mobility, cloud services, data and analytics, software and API development. In the last five years, the company has made a good base in Asia, Europe and Australia. The company is providing its services to industries like BFSI, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail and Energy.

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