Yoga Session: Bring flexibility in the body with the right technique, do these 3 yoga exercises, get many benefits

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: If you practice yoga regularly with good technique, then the body gets a lot of benefits from it. Along with keeping you fit for a long time, it can also work to keep away mental stress etc. In this way, if you practice some yoga in a better way and regularly, then you will feel that your flow is getting better and you are able to do yoga and asanas easily. This is possible when flexibility increases in the body and you are able to remove stiffness. However, before practicing the asanas, it is necessary to do subtle yoga.

focus first
sit in any seat, It would be better if you sit in Padmasana, Ardha Padmasana or Sukhasana. Now lift both the hands interlocked and stretch your whole body upwards as much as you can. Now stay in this position till the count of 10 and relax by lowering your hands. Then take a deep breath and while exhaling chant the word Om. Stay in the posture of meditation for some time. To see in detail, you can click on the video link given below.

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practice of margari asana
To bring flexibility in the body, the practice of Marjari Asana is very beneficial. Its regular practice brings flexibility in the waist, back, abdomen etc. To do this, sit in Vajrasana and sit with your elbows touching your knees. Looking forward, measure one hand and make a cow position while rising in front. Now stretch the stomach downwards and stretch the neck upwards. Then lift the stomach and stretch the neck downwards. Do this 10 times in a row.

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Parvatasana and Bhujangasana
First make a position on the mat like a mountain by raising the waist in the pose of Parvatasana. Hips will remain raised, tighten the combs, paws will remain adjacent to the ground. While inhaling, come in the posture of Bhujangasana. Then come in the posture of Parvatasana. You do this 10 times.

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Chaturanga Dandasana
First come in the posture of Parvatasana and then by bending both the elbows bring the body in a straight line and make the posture of Bhujangasana without touching the ground. Then come in the posture of Parvatasana. Do this 10 times by repeating it. To see Chaturanga Dandasana in detail, you go to the video link.

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