Yoga Session: Do Surya Namaskar to lose weight, daily practice has many other benefits, know the right way

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: Navratri has started from today. In these 10 days, if you eat fruits and take a healthy diet, then weight gain can be prevented. Apart from this, if you keep the body a little active and do some special yoga exercises regularly, then it will help in melting the fat stored in your body and you will be able to stay more fit. Here the practice of some such yoga is being told, with the help of which you can reduce the weight and also look fit.

stretch out
First of all, sit in Padmasan or Ardha Padmasan by folding both the legs on the mat and stretch the body by interlocking the fingers of both the hands. Count to 20 and slowly bring the hands down and leave the hip muscles loose.

set focus
Now close the eyes and make a posture of meditation. During this, keep your waist and neck absolutely straight. Now focus on your incoming and outgoing breaths and chant the word Om. It will help to keep the mind calm. To watch the complete exercise, click on the video link given below.

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do tadasana
Stand straight on the mat and raise the fingers of both hands interlocking and try to stretch the whole body. To increase your balance, stand on your toes. Now stay in this posture till your capacity. Then slowly bring the hands down and relax.

do like this Sun Hello

Pranamasana , First of all, stand on the mat and by bringing both the palms near the chest, make a gesture of salutation. Now take a deep breath and close your eyes and meditate on the sun and pray.

hastuttanasana, While taking a deep breath, raise both the hands above the head and try to bow slightly backwards while making a gesture of salutation with the hands.

Padahastasana, Now while exhaling slowly, make a table top position and bend forward completely. Touch your toes with your hands.

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horse sambandharasana, Now taking a deep breath, keep the palms of both the hands on the floor and while moving one leg backwards, keep the knee on the ground. Now bend the other leg and look in front while raising the head like forward.

Dandasan, Now, taking a deep breath, straighten both your hands and legs and come to the position of doing push-ups in a line. Hold it like this for some time.

Ashtanga Hello, Now slowly touch your palms, chest, knees and feet to the ground and hold in this position. Keep taking deep breaths and exhaling.

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Bhujangasana,Now keeping both your palms on the ground, lift the front part of the body forward from between the two hands. Now hold in this posture for some time.

downward facing dead body, Now keep both your legs straight on the ground, lift the hip upwards. Keeping your shoulders straight, look towards your navel. Now repeat the entire asanas in reverse and complete the cycle. To see these exercises in detail, click on the video link.

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