Yoga Session: Do these 4 yoga exercises for the mobility of the hip, flexibility will come in the muscles, will stay away from pain

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: Yoga and asanas are very effective in keeping the body fit. If you start the day with yoga, then the problems of gas, stiffness in the stomach also go away. If there is pain in your hip or there is a problem in getting up, bending, etc., then with the help of yoga, you can strengthen the hip muscles and bring flexibility in them. Today in YouTube live session of News18 Hindi Yoga trainer Savita Yadav Made some such yoga exercises, with the help of which will help in strengthening the hip and surrounding muscles and in relieving the pain.

How to start yoga
Sit on the mat in Padmasana or any posture and take a deep breath and make a meditation posture. Close the eyes and focus on the coming and going breaths. Pronounce the word Om. You can also pray. After this, do some subtle exercises according to your ability. Click on the video link to watch in detail.

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yoga exercises for hips

first practice
Stand on the mat. Now bend one leg from the knee and take it out and keep it on the ground behind you. Then lifting the same leg back, keep it near the first leg. Do this 10 times. Then do the same with the other leg. Once on the left side and then on the right side for the second time, lift the legs and keep them on the ground. Do this 10 times.

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second exercise
Keep the right hand straight on the mat and try to touch the palm while lifting the left leg in front. Then keep the feet on the ground. Do this with a jerk. After doing 10 times, do this process with the other leg.

third exercise
Spread both the legs on the mat. Now turn to the right. Bending the knees, bend down keeping both the hands on the thighs. Now do the same in the other direction. In this way bend once to the left and then to the right. You do this 10 times.

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fourth exercise
You can also practice while raising your hands. Spread the legs, turn to the right side, raise the hands and make Pranam Mudra. Then bend from the knees. Do the same in the other direction as well. You repeat this 10 times. You can see the complete exercise on the video link.

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