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Yoga Session: Do these yoga exercises to keep the digestive system better, many diseases will remain away


The problem of constipation and digestion is removed by this practice.
Always practice according to your ability.

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav : If contaminated smoke is spread around you, then it is better that you practice yoga at home for a few days. Apart from this, avoid practicing pranayama in a contaminated environment and practice yoga that strengthens other parts of the body. Here we tell you today which yoga and asanas you can practice to strengthen the stomach. Actually, when your stomach will be fine and your digestive system will work well, then more than half the diseases of your body will be away. So let’s know some yoga exercises related to the stomach.

do yoga like this
First of all, sit in Padmasana and while keeping your waist and neck straight, raise both the hands and interlock the fingers. Now while stretching the back, raise the hands and stretch. After some time lower the hands and relax the body. Now warm up the body by doing subtle exercises.

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crow challan yoga
First of all, bend your knees and sit in the posture of Malasana. Now bend your knees and sit on your toes and place your hands on your knees. Keep the right knee on the ground inwards and now lift the left leg and move it forward and rest it on the ground. Keep your left knee on the ground and keep the right foot forward. After reaching the other end of the mat, come back again. Click on the video link to watch in detail.

Now bend your knees and sit on your toes. Keep in mind that your hips are not adjacent to the ground. Now make a posture of salutation by keeping your elbows between your knees. Keep your waist and neck straight. Do this till the count of 10.

butterfly seat
Now sit on the mat and hold both the soles together by hand. Now keep the back and neck straight. Now raise and lower the knees. Now do this for 1 minute. It is very beneficial for pregnant women.

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side bedding yoga
Now sit on the mat in such a way that one knee is bent in front of you and the other leg is straight open till the other left of the mat. Keep the waist and neck straight. Now while spreading the hands, bend once to the right and then to the left. You can watch the full exercise on the video link.

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