Yoga Session: Headache has troubled you, include this yoga in your lifestyle, you will get instant relief


Some yoga exercises work to improve blood circulation in the brain.
The problem of headache can also be overcome by keeping the lifestyle healthy.

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: Headache can be the initial symptom of many problems. It also bothers us because of some mistakes in our lifestyle. These symptoms are visible even when there is an increase of vata in the body, sinus problems, non-activity of the body, weakness of the eyes. There are many reasons for this type of headache. Here we are talking about those yoga exercises, by whose practice the problem of headache can be removed. Headache caused by cold, cough etc. can be cured with the help of water policy and formula policy practice. In this way, there are many such yoga exercises, which can help in relieving headache.

beginning of practice
First of all, sit in Ardhapadmasana, interlock the fingers and raise the hands and stretch the body. Count to 10 and then lower your hands. Now make a posture of meditation and focus on your breath. You can see the complete exercise on the video link.

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sit in padmasana
You sit in the posture of Padmasana keeping the left leg on your right thigh on the mat. Now keep the waist and neck straight and stretch the body. In the beginning, practice sitting for 2 minutes and gradually increase it to 10 minutes. It will help in getting relief from headache. This improves blood circulation in the brain, which relieves pain.

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marjorie seat
Sit by bending the knees of both the legs and gently joining the toes of both the feet, open the ankles and sit slowly. This is the posture of Vajrasana. Sitting like this after eating, gas will not be produced in the stomach and you will be saved from the problem of headache. Now while bending forward, keep both the elbows close to the knees and lift the body by giving weight on the palm keeping a distance of one hand. Now while breathing, lower the waist and lift the neck. Now while exhaling, lift the waist and stretch the neck downwards. Do this 10 times.

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West Uttarasana
Sit on the mat with the legs straight in front. Now straighten both the hands by lifting them and slowly bend forward while inhaling. Then raise both the hands up. Do this 10 times. Keep in mind that the waist should be straight and the eyes should be forward. Now hold your toes and keep your forehead on your feet and count to 10. Apart from this, there are many asanas, with the help of which you can overcome the problem of headache. You can see the complete exercise on the video link.

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