Yoga Session: These 4 asanas including Tadasana will get rid of gas problem, fitness will be better

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: If you do not walk after eating, eat spicy food and drink water after eating, then it can cause digestion problems. Apart from this, snacks and simple food are necessary to keep your stomach problem in check. It is better to drink water half an hour before eating than drinking water while eating. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated as far as possible. Take less grains and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables. Do not eat too much in the night and sleep and wake up at the right time. Apart from this, some yoga exercises are being mentioned here, whose regular practice can help in the formation of gas in the stomach or in curing the problem of digestion. So let’s get ready for practice.

beginning of practice
You sit on the mat in Padmasana, Ardha Padmasana or Sukhasana and stretch your whole body upwards by interlocking both the hands. Count to 10 and lower your hands and relax. Take a deep breath and meditate. To see in detail, you can click on the video link given below.

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If there is a problem of gas in the stomach, then Tadasana is the most simple and effective yoga practice to remove it. To do this, stand on the mat and interlock the fingers of the hands keeping a little gap between the two feet. Now keep the waist and neck straight and raise both the hands up in this position. Now hold in this position while inhaling. Stretch the body as much as you can. Pull the stomach inwards and concentrate on some point in front. Balance till the count of 20. Now slowly lower the hands down. When you stay in this position for a long time, the air in the stomach will start moving downwards. You can practice this by raising your toes according to your ability.

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Tiryaka Tadasana
Make Tadasana pose by interlocking the hands and take a deep breath. Now, while exhaling, bend to the left side in this posture and then while breathing, stand straight. Then, while exhaling, bend and hold on the right side and stand straight while breathing. Similarly you do 10 cycles. If you want, you can increase its practice according to your ability.

Now you sit on the mat slowly bending your knees with the help of your toes and create a gap between the two legs. Now keep the hands between the knees and make a gesture of salutation. During this, keep the waist and neck straight and hold in this posture for some time. Practice it regularly.

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Now sit with both the toes together, bend the knees and hold the feet tightly with both the hands. If you are having trouble sitting in the beginning, then you can sit by making a gap between the two legs. Click on the video link to watch in detail.

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