You also drink tea throughout the day, so be careful! Will fall prey to this disease

Health Tips: Whether a guest has come at home or we want to remove our tiredness, we first remember tea. The taste of tea is such that whether it is summer or winter, we never get bored of tea. But do you know how much tea can affect your health badly? If you drink tea 5 to 6 times a day then it can be harmful for your body. So let’s know what effect excessive tea has on your health.

Do you also drink tea again and again

Now you must be thinking that how many cups of tea should be consumed in a day, everyone knows that there is caffeine in tea, but it is necessary to know how much it should go into your body. First of all, tea can cause problems for your stomach only. There may be problems like constipation, gas in your stomach. Also, have you ever noticed that when you drink tea, you lose sleep and you are not able to sleep for a long time. This is the reason that the caffeine and tannins present in tea work to disturb your sleep by spoiling the quality of your sleep.

bad effect on intestines

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Apart from this, the effect of too much tea can also harm your intestines, it must be strange to hear, but it is true that drinking tea also spoils your intestines. Due to this you have to face problems in digestion of food. That’s why you can drink tea 2 times a day, if you drink tea in excess than this, it can cause problems for you.

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