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You are happy drinking $8 worth of coffee in 30 minutes, but you cry over the fee for 30 days of blue ticks!


Musk said – you will get what you pay for.
Said – Twitter is the most interesting on the internet right now, that’s why you are here.
Musk is facing the ire of users for charging fees for verification.

New Delhi. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been facing criticism ever since he announced on Twitter to charge $8 (about Rs 660) per month for blue tick verification. A large number of Twitter users are opposing this decision and even saying that they will leave this blue tick.

As you know Elon Musk is used to joking on every situation, this time too he has defended himself by sharing some funny memes through his Twitter handle.

Compare Blue Tick with Coffee
Elon Musk has shared a meme, in which it can be seen that people are happy to pay $ 8 for Starbucks coffee, but are angry on Twitter asking for payment for the verification tick. The cartoon sees tears in tears as he asks for payment for the blue tick, while the meme who pays $8 for coffee shows teeth, means happy.

Image – Twitter.

In this meme, Elon Musk has tried to give another message that the coffee for which people are paying $ 8 is only going to last 30 minutes, while the blue tick will last for 30 days. More than 1 million people on Twitter have tapped the pink heart for this meme.

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attack from both sides is a good sign
In another tweet, he wrote, “You will get what you pay for”. Musk has labeled it a “spoiler alert” for Twitterati. He further said, “Simultaneous attack from both the right and left is a good sign.” The Tesla CEO said, “Twitter is the most interesting place on the Internet right now. That’s why you are reading this tweet right now.”

Significantly, as soon as Elon Musk announced his plans for a new Twitter version, people expressed their dismay at his decision. Musk has asked Twitter users to charge a fee to get a verified account. At first he talked of $ 20, but later he came to $ 8 a month. Twitter users are still disappointed, but seeing the latest memes, it does not seem to have affected Elon Musk’s health.

On Wednesday, he tweeted that all companies keep complaining, but now they have to pay $ 8 per month for blue ticks. On the same day he shared another funny video. Musk said that the idea of ​​charging money for insults and arguments has been completely stolen from Monty Python. Below is the video, you can watch.

It is shown in this video that a person pays money only for a quarrel and goes to a room and quarrels with someone.

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