You are not consuming adulterated ghee, do purity test in 5 ways

How to Check Real and Fake Ghee: Ghee is used in most of the homes. Desi ghee is used a lot not only to make the food nutritious, but also to temper the taste. Sometimes you unknowingly consume fake ghee instead of real ghee. Actually, like many other things, the era of adulteration is going on in desi ghee as well. Due to lack of information, most people bring fake ghee home, which can be harmful for your health. Today we tell you some easy ways to differentiate between real and fake ghee.


Take the help of sugar: You can also take the help of sugar to find out real and fake ghee. For this, melt some ghee and keep it in a box, then add some sugar to it. Then mix them well and leave it like this for some time. If red color is visible at the bottom of the container, then this ghee may be adulterated. (Image-Canva)


Do purity test by placing it on your palm: You can use a very simple home method to find out whether ghee is real or fake. For this, take half a spoon of ghee and keep it on your palm for some time. If ghee starts melting quickly, then ghee is real. If it remains frozen for a long time despite keeping it on the palm, then the ghee may be fake. (Image-Canva)


Do double boiler test: You can also do double boiler test to test the purity of ghee. For this, take two spoons of ghee in a bowl. Then take hot water in a vessel and melt it by placing a bowl containing ghee in it. After this put the ghee in a clean container and store it in the fridge for a few hours. If there is adulteration in ghee, it will appear frozen in many different layers. (Image-Canva)


Know the purity with salt: You can also use salt to know the reality of original and duplicate ghee. For this, heat one spoon of ghee and melt it. Then mix a pinch of salt in it and keep it for some time. If the color of ghee changes, then it can be duplicate. (Image-Canva)


Do purity test by color: You can also identify genuine or fake ghee through colour. For this, put one spoon of ghee in a utensil and keep it on the gas and let it melt. If ghee is real, it will start melting immediately. Along with this, the color of real ghee will also start to look brown after heating. But if the ghee is fake, it may take time to melt, as well as its color will also appear pale yellow. (Image-Canva) (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article are based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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