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You will also be forced to laugh knowing how your friend’s disappointment went away… – funny viral whatsapp jokes which give you reason to smile in hindi 7 – News18 Hindi

First friend- friend, yesterday you were very sad… how are you so happy today?

Second friend – Yesterday my wife had bought a saree worth 7000…

First friend- Well, why is he so happy today… did he return the saree?

Second friend – no man…my wife is coming to meet your wife wearing the same saree.

The temper of laughter, Image-canva

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One friend to another friend – The petrol of the vehicle is over.. Now the vehicle cannot be taken forward…

Second friend – no problem.. put the car in reverse gear, let’s go back home..

First friend – Ask whatever you want from me…you will get everything

Second friend – Money!

First friend – keep the money in the side, friend…. In addition to demanding

Second friend – Money kept by your side

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