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You will be surprised to know the story of the mystery of the idol of Hanuman ji lying in Prayagraj.

Hanuman Temple of Prayagraj: There is such a temple of Hanuman ji in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, which is believed to be in the whole country. It is said about this temple that Sangam bath is incomplete without the darshan of Hanuman ji in this temple. What is the specialty of this temple? What is the mystery and story behind this, know-

Hanuman ji gave the dream to the merchant
According to a story, a wealthy merchant was carrying this idol of Hanuman ji for hundreds of years. Then his boat reached the banks of the Sangam and fell into the idol of Hanuman ji. This trader made all efforts to lift the idol of Hanuman ji but without any success, then Hanuman ji gave him a dream one night and said that he wants to stay at this confluence only.

Characteristic of the statue of Hanuman ji lying down
Hanuman ji at the confluence of Prayagraj is also known by many names. They are called Bade Hanuman ji, Fort Wale Hanuman ji, Lay Hanuman ji and Dam Wale Hanuman ji. Here the idol of Hanuman ji is in a lying posture below the ground. And Hanuman ji is holding Ahiravan with one arm and the other demon with the other arm. It is said that this is the only temple where Hanuman ji is lying.

Hanuman ji’s idol is 20 feet tall
The length of this idol of Hanuman ji is about 20 feet. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, there is a huge crowd of Hanuman devotees. It is believed that the water of the Ganges touches Lord Hanuman ji and after that the water of the Ganges descends. This is a Siddha temple of Hanuman ji. It is said that Hanuman ji never disappoints his devotees. All the wishes of those who come here are fulfilled. There is freedom from every trouble.

Akbar had also accepted defeat.
It is said that in 1582, when Akbar was busy in expanding his empire, he came here too. To pacify the rebellion going on in eastern India including Magadha, Awadh, Bengal, Akbar built a fort here, where Akbar wanted to take Hanuman ji. He tried to move the idol, but the idol did not move from its place. It is said that Hanuman ji gave Akbar a dream at the same time. After this, Akbar stopped this work and accepted his defeat from Hanuman ji and repented.

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