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You will have a pleasant fragrance throughout the day, if you use body mist like this


Always apply it on dry and clean skin only.
If used properly, you can stay fresh throughout the day.

How to apply body mist: People have started using a mild version of perfume ie body mist these days. For those who do not like strong smell, then body mist is the best option. We can use it directly on our skin. Along with keeping the body fresh, it also helps in keeping the skin hydrated. However, there is a draw back in applying it that its fragrance does not last long and it has to be applied again and again on the body. But if you use it properly then you can keep yourself refreshed throughout the day. Let’s know how.

How to use body mist

how to use
If you want to use body mist, then first know that it should always be applied only on dry and clean skin. It would be better if you use it after taking a bath. By doing this, its effect lasts longer.

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to sleep well
If you want a restful sleep at night, then you can use body mist for this. When you go to sleep, spray it on your bed sheet and pillow cover. You will be able to sleep peacefully.

Spray on these places
If you want to use it as a deodorant, then you can spray it around your arm pit, chest, neck. This will keep the smell of your body away and you will smell.

for glowing skin
If you want to make your skin dewy and glowing, then daily, you can use a body mist like aloe vera on your face and skin. It can also be used to keep your skin hydrated. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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