Your entitled ration will not be available even 10 grams less, customers will be happy with this decision of the government, those who weigh less will regret


POS devices have been linked to electronic scales at ration shops.
With the installation of this device, there is no scope left for disturbances in the ration weighing.
This step has been taken to increase transparency and prevent frivolous cases.

Ration Card New Rule: Crores of families in the country take food grains from the ration shop and to protect the interests of all these beneficiary families, the government has made some important rules and they are being followed strictly. In this episode, the government has made electronic point of sale devices mandatory at ration shops. It may be that most of the beneficiaries do not know much about this.

In fact, many times the ration card holders had complained about disturbances in the weighing of food grains at the PDS center, after which the government has made EPOS i.e. electronic point of sale mandatory at the ration centers. Now ration shops will not be able to sell ration without it. Let us know what is this rule?

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What is EPOS device?
In order to ensure that the beneficiaries of the Public Distribution System (PDS) do not get less ration, the shops of ration dealers have been connected with online electronic point of sale i.e. POS devices with electronic scales. With the installation of this device, there is no scope left for disturbances in the ration weighing. These machines will work in online mode as well as offline. The government has taken this step to increase transparency in ration shops and to prevent cases of underweight. This system has been implemented since November last year.

Through the National Food Security Act, the government is giving 5 kg of wheat and rice every month to about 80 crore people of the country at a subsidized rate of Rs 2 to 3 per kg. At the same time, the government has announced to give free food grains to BPL families till December 2023. The government said that this decision has been implemented with the aim of bringing transparency and improvement in the operation of the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) under the National Food Security Act.

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