Your pet can be the cause of liver and lung related diseases, know how

Disease from pets Dogs: Nowadays everyone is fond of keeping a dog or a cat in the house. But do you know that you should take many precautions regarding these pets. Many people think that keeping pets clean will not pose any danger to them, but you are wrong. Actually there are many diseases which are present in the intestines of dog or cat, and it can easily spread inside you too. Therefore, if you are also a dog lover, then you also need to take some precautions. Along with viral infection through pets, there is a high risk of diseases related to liver, lungs, brain and heart.

These diseases can spread through pets

Most people get their pets injected with anti-rabies, but for your information, let us tell you that you may also be at risk of rabies from them. Rabies virus is very dangerous for humans. If you accidentally touch the nail or tooth of a dog or cat, then this virus can enter the human body. There can also be a danger of unconsciousness or death from rabies.

Sitting and sleeping with a dog can cause harm

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If you also have a habit of sleeping or sitting with your pets, then the risk of spreading infection like ringworm may increase in you. This is such a fungal disease that causes problems like itching, rashes or rash in the skin. That is why if your dog is ill then you need to protect yourself from this habit. There is also a need to avoid the hair of pets, because dog or cat hair can work to invite the risk of lung and heart disease.

Pet lovers need to keep these things in mind

Wear a mask while bringing your pets closer.

Do not make a habit of feeding dog or cat on the bed.

Always bury the pet’s potty in the soil.

Get your pet animals vaccinated regularly.

Get a checkup done by the doctor in time.

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