Zomato gave up on giving food in 10 minutes! At the moment the service is closed, preparing to do something new


Zomato started 10 minute food delivery service in March 2022.
Zomato spokesperson said- This service is not being discontinued.
The company is working on a new menu with its partners.

New Delhi. if you Zomato If you have been ordering food within 10 minutes under the instant food delivery option, now you will not get this facility, because the company has stopped it. Zomato Instant was started earlier this year. The company was facing difficulties in expanding this service.

This service, which delivers food in 10 minutes, was started in Delhi NCR and Bengaluru under a pilot project. The company got success in this service but its growth was not happening as expected and the company was not finding this service a profitable deal. At the same time, due to not getting enough orders, the company was not able to even recover its fixed cost.

Growth was not seen so service stopped
A person with knowledge of the matter said, “This service was a good option for some areas in Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru, where there is a large number of office goers and students, but there is no growth in this service. Couldn’t see, so it wasn’t possible to extend the service.”

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A Zomato spokesperson said, “This instant service is not being discontinued. We are working with our partners on the new menu and rebranding of the business. All the finishing stations are intact and no one has been affected by this decision.” Economic Times reported.

Swiggy has also experimented
Please tell that in March 2022, Zomato started 10-minute food delivery service. Then the company’s CEO Deepinder Goyal wrote in a post that no one in the world would have delivered ‘hot and fresh food in 10 minutes’ at this large level, so we are eager to start this service.

However, this was not the first time that a food aggregator platform tried to reduce the delivery time. Earlier in 2015, Swiggy had tied up with cloud kitchen operators like Eatongo and Brecky to deliver food in 15 minutes, but faced many challenges during this time. Because of this the service had to be discontinued.

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